Multimedia Solutions
Enhancing Ministry With Technology

Who is MinistrySense?
Software, Webcasting, 26+ years

Why should I do business with MinistrySense?
Subscribers First, Meet Your Needs, Experience

How can we make our events more relative to attendees?
Church Connections™, Web App, Enhance Community

How is Church Connections different than other church apps?
Cross-Platform, Analytics, More Communication Features

Is Church Connections easy to use?
One Screen, Collapsible Sections, Intuitive

Is Church Connections safe?
PIN Access, Anonymous, Profanity-Free

What features does Church Connections have?
Group Chat, MS Analytics™, Event Communication

Where can I use the Church Connections app?
Church, Home, WiFi

How are MS Analytics™ surveys better than most?
Ratings, Conclusions, Templates

How does church staff use Church Connections?
Organizational Data, Event Setup, MS Analytics™ Feedback

How do you pay for Church Connections?
Free App, Church Subscription, Based on Church Size